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Criminal Law

You can trust our criminal defense attorney to make sure your voice is heard during your court proceedings.

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Family Law

A divorce attorney from our family law firm can help you navigate your divorce with confidence.

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Personal Injury

Take advantage of our personal injury law services to get the compensation you deserve.

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We serve Fulton, Cass, Kosciusco, Marshallk, Miami, Pulaski, Starke and Wabash counties.

Work with an experienced Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney in Rochester, Indiana.

It is not necessary to face legal challenges alone. The Saiz Law Firm is here to assist individuals and families involved in family law; adoptions, guardianships, custody, parenting time and divorce matters, Wills and POA's. We also counsel with criminal cases, DUI/OVI, Special Driving Permits, and Expungements. Danny's prior work in Insurance enables Personal Injury cases to be resolved expertly close to home. No matter how complex the case, you can count on attorney Danny Saiz to ease your worries and provide you with guidance and support at every turn.

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Why choose The Saiz Law Firm?

The Saiz Law Firm is dedicated to providing dependable family law, criminal law and personal injury law services. Residents of Rochester, IN and beyond trust Danny to take on their legal challenges because:

  1. Danny is personable. He talks to you in terms you can understand.
  2. Danny is approachable. He does his best to make sure clients feel comfortable and respected when they retain his services.
  3. Danny is diverse. He grew up on a farm. His family owned a bakery. He has lived in France; South Africa; Germany and 9 states: IL; MI; ID; LA; SD; NE; UT; FL; and IN.
  4. Danny is disciplined. He served in the Army, originally enlisted then as an Officer. He worked in the corporate world and then managed his own practice.
  5. Danny is passionate. He has a strong belief in the United States Constitution and the Justice System.
  6. Danny is skilled. He has practiced law for more than a decade.

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